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A Trip to the Monarch Overwintering Sites in MIchoacan

November 19, 2019

Speaker:  Dr. Diane Russell

Please join us as Dr. Diane Russell, Texas Master Naturalist and retired anatomist, takes us on a “trip” to Mexico to share her passion for Monarch butterflies.

Monarch butterflies from Canada and the eastern United States take a 3,000 mile journey every fall to overwinter in oyomel fir trees found only at the highest elevations in the trans volcanic mountain range of Michoacan, Mexico.  After years of studying and teaching about monarchs,    Dr. Russell visited this remote area to personally observe and record the millions of orange butterflies that coat the trees in the cold mornings and take flight when the sun comes out later.   

Come join us for a photo tour and get the latest update on the status of this increasingly endangered migration phenomenon.

Meeting location:  St. Basil Hall, 702 Burney Road, Sugar Land, TX

9:30 Refreshments; 10:00 am Speaker; 11:00 am Announcements/Plant Swap

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